Welcome to ROADHOUSEarts! Jennifer's mobile Gallery, Artist Studio and Summer Residence, currently located in Nordegg, Alberta.

Romance Loves Obsession
Bouldering Problems
Flourishing Roots
Tumbling Desire
Body of Light
Australian Ginger
Weeping Daisy
Basketball Djin
Saturn's Rings
The Devil Knows Your Dreams
Music…a Melody of Noise
Disposable Beauty
Screaming Poppies
Miss Em

Please note. This is growing site, Jennifer has a diverse range of artwork and there are still many more to be added!


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Tumbling Desire

What is Desire? “Desire is a coveting need, an urgent greedy appetite to acquire and consume to satisfaction…” good sense and logic are often set aside in the face of one’s passionate desires. What then is Tumbling Desire? Indecision in the face of overwhelming desire, where logic & good sense try to hold their place when desire is born as “…a spectre in the skin that leads the hand [and heart] to sin.”

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